Valhelsia 3 Server – Guide

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Explore Valhelsia 3 and over 250 mods with friends on your own Valhelsia 3 Server!

Valhelsia 3 Server Introduction

Prepare for a wondrous modpack experience brimming with fun on a Valhelsia 3 server. The Valhelsia 3 modpack contains over 250 mods with the goal to provide something for every type of player to enjoy. Whether you prefer being a builder with gorgeous decorative blocks, an engineer with automation and machinery, or an adventurer plundering dungeons. You can create your own Valhelsia 3 server hosting below and explore more of the features inside the modpack that awaits you and your friends!

How to Set Up a Valhelsia 3 Server

While you’re making your own Valhelsia 3 modpack server, to run at its best we recommend that your server has at least 4GB - 6GB of RAM. If you have a server and need to upgrade with more RAM, you can do that within your client area here.
  1. Begin by accessing your Minecraft server and turning it off.
  2. Then, to the left under “Server Management”, select “Switch Server Type”.
  3. switching to Valhelsia 3 server hosting

  4. Next, use the search bar to find “Valhelsia 3”. After, press “Install Selected” next to that modpack to start the installation.
  5. how to install a Valhelsia 3 server

  6. Lastly, you’ll be asked if you’d like to select any files to delete from your server. We recommend backing up and wiping your previous server files to ensure a smooth installation and a newly generated world. Once done, press “Install Valhelsia 3” to complete the installation. You’re now ready to begin playing Valhelsia 3 server hosting with friends!

Plenty of Adventures Await in the Valhelsia 3 Modpack

The Valhelsia 3 modpack aims to be an immersive experience that can bring hundreds of hours of fun to you and your friends. There are wondrous worlds and biomes to explore with Biomes O’ Plenty, Autumnity, Atmospheric, Environmental, NetherEx, and Druidcraft. You and your crew of explorers can take on quests, build magnificent structures, and most importantly, do anything else you can imagine. With the set of mods included with this modpack, you’ll be discovering something new each time you play!

Journeying in Valhelsia 3 server hosting brings friends together to enjoy the game the way they prefer, leading players to love this modpack. With infinite options to play in any style, you and your friends can specialize in different aspects to work together and complete challenges. In such an instance, your friend could handle excavation while another handled making a farm for food. What skills will you master when you play with friends in the ultimate modded exploration on your Valhelsia 3 server?

More Valhelsia 3 Server Modpack Gameplay Features

  • New structures and dungeons generated by the Valhelsia Structures mod
  • Create automatic factories with mods like Mekanism and the Create mod
  • Learn and use magical abilities from mods like Botania, Eidolon, Blood Magic, and more
  • Design your own armor and tools through magic or technology or with the Tetra mod
  • Discover unique treasures found in dungeons and other places with the Artifacts mod
  • High-quality new mods in Valhelsia 3 like Farmer’s Delight and Supplementaries
  • Plus mods that aid in overall performance including FerriteCore and Performant

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