Server Migration Tutorial

Server Migration Tutorial

The time is now! We’re switching gears to Apex Hosting so you have an improved server experience. Explore a wide variety of new panel features for extra customization and management options. There are tons of other benefits too, such as access to more games for hosting servers. Whether you want to stick with Minecraft or change things up with Palworld, you have endless opportunities with Apex! This transition won’t take long and will keep all your existing files without losing anything. We’ll be showing you how to migrate your server to Apex Hosting and rundown important details that you should understand.

How to Migrate Your MCProHosting Server

Before getting started, you will need to create an Apex Hosting account. This is accomplished by following the steps directly through your panel. Review our instructions below to help you with this transition process. Once you’re finished, you can begin enjoying a brand new hosting experience with improved features!  
  1. Head towards your panel and login with your account credentials.
  2. Afterward, select the New Panel button on the left-hand side of your screen.
  3. Proceed to click “I do not have an Apex Hosting account” to begin.
    *If you already have an account, use that for this migration.
  4. In the following prompt, press the Create Account button.
  5. Continue to enter your MCPH Password, then click Migrate at the bottom.
  6. If successful, you’ll see a confirmation message with information about the transfer.

Viewing the Migration Status

  1. Navigate to your email and search for “Apex Password” to find your account credentials.
  2. Afterward, use that information to log in to your new Apex server panel.
  3. The migration status will appear once you sign in – wait for this to complete.
    *You’ll also receive an “Apex Migrations Complete” email upon completion too.
  4. When this process is finished, click the Dismiss button at the top right.

Server Migration FAQ

Why do I have to migrate my server?
We’re always looking for ways to improve the user experience, with one being these migrations. Requiring you and others alike to migrate servers is necessary for this goal – as you’re more equipped with tools for better changes / performance. Due to our decision, those who do not migrate themselves will automatically be transferred to Apex Hosting by our team.

How long does the migration process take?
Migrating one server could take several minutes to hours, depending on the size of your files. This becomes amplified when transferring multiple servers. Check the status of your migration by visiting the new Apex panel.

Are my server files safe during migration?
Yes, absolutely! These migrations transfer all server files to Apex Hosting, while also verifying that each one was successfully moved. Nothing should be missing after migrating the server.

Does my dedicated server IP and/or subdomain migrate too?
Subdomains are entirely transferred, while dedicated IPs are moved when possible. This depends on the space and hardware of where your server is being sent.

Does my billing information transfer too?
No, your billing details and subscriptions don’t migrate to Apex Hosting – only the server.

What happens if I don’t receive my Apex password?
Contact their Support Team for assistance, as they can provide you with a new one.