TOWERS! 🏰 Our Latest Minecraft Mini-Game.

TOWERS! 🏰 Our Latest Minecraft Mini-Game.

Our latest one-click install Minecraft mini-game Towers has just been released!

Did we mention that Towers is exclusive to MCProHosting’s Minecraft customers only and free to install through the One Control Panel!!?
Well.. it is!

🎬 Check out the launch trailer here!

🏰 What is Towers?
Get gear, get ready, build out then battle!
Similar to Sky Wars type mini-games each team or player spawn on their own island where the last person or team alive wins.
There’s also an ever shrinking world border forcing you and your team closer and closer to the center of the map.
Towers is the first of hopefully many more mini-games to come for your MCProHosting server.
The map used for towers was built by SparkSquared. They did a fantastic job putting our vision together for all of you!

🔧 How do I Install Towers?
Go to One Control Panel > Presets > Install Towers
We strongly suggest that you create a backup of your server before installing towers.

🤔 Why did we do this?
Because we love our customers and want to give you even more to do with your great service!

🚀 Is there more to come?
Yes! We don’t plan to stop with Towers alone.
Keep your eyes peeled on social media and your email inbox for more news in the future!

🎧 Vibe to Victory!
Listen to our MCPro Towers Playlist!
We put together over two hours of epic battle and victory music for you to game to.
Psst.. You can also listen to this when not playing Towers.

Get out there, Craft, Build & Win!

👍 We really hope you enjoy Towers!
Please let us know your thoughts and feedback by using #MCPHTowers through social media or on our community discord. We can’t wait to hear from you.

From all of us at Team MCProHosting,
Thank you and we can’t wait to show what else we’ve been working on! 💚