Minecraft Tekkit Lite Server Guide

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Bring the Age of Machines to your Minecraft Server with your own Tekkit Lite Servers!

Minecraft Tekkit Lite Server Introduction

Bring your friends together to prepare for an adventure filled with automation and industrialization when you play on Tekkit Lite servers. Tekkit Lite is an extremely popular Minecraft modpack with over 40 mods for version 1.4.7. Playing in this modpack, you and your friends will be able to explore hundreds of machines from different mods like Industrial Craft, BuildCraft, and Thermal Expansion. With endless technology to power and automate the world around you, see what machines and factories you can design on your own Tekkit Lite Minecraft server!

How to Make Tekkit Lite Servers

  1. Firstly, head to your Minecraft control panel and press “Stop”.
  2. Next, looking to the left under “Server Management”, click “Switch Server Type”.
  3. switching to Minecraft Tekkit Lite Server
  4. After, use the search bar to discover “Tekkit Lite”. Then, press “Install Selected” to start installing the server modpack.
  5. how to install Minecraft Tekkit Lite Server
  6. Finally, the installer will ask if you would like to remove any files from your server. Once any files are selected, press “Install Minecraft Tekkit Lite” to finish the installation. After a few moments, you and your friends will be able to jump into your Tekkit Lite server!
    • To avoid any world issues and errors once Tekkit Lite is installed, we recommend taking a server backup first and then wiping your server files. This will ensure your Tekkit Lite server correctly generates a new modded world.

Automate with Minecraft Tekkit Lite

On Tekkit Lite servers, you and your friends will be taken for a journey across the ages, literally! One of the mighty adventures in Tekkit Lite comes from the Mystcraft mod which allows players to create dimensions known as ages, which can be traveled to through books. From there, players can utilize a variety of machines from all sorts of different mods. Thermal Expansion 2 adds equipment such as Compactors, Sawmills, Pulverizers, and Redstone Furnaces. For more powerful machines, Advanced Machines mod provides five electrical machines for IndustrialCraft 2 for extracting, recycling, and more.

With so many machines, things may get packed within your Tekkit Lite homes. To help avoid those issues, the mod Applied Energistics offers storage compactness and auto-crafting. No more will you and your friends be stuck finding places to store all the items you’ll be finding. This is further helped with Inventory Tweaks, adding useful inventory sorting options. Having the ability to automate and create any type of machine you can dream of, what will you and your friends be making on your Minecraft Tekkit Lite server?

Additional Gameplay Features for Minecraft Tekkit Lite Servers

  • Navigate with ease using Rei’s Minimap mod
  • Travel between dimensions with Dimensional Doors
  • Create simple and complex machines for automation
  • Power machines in unique ways, like with Wireless Redstone
  • Try many different unique weapons with Balkon’s Weapon mod
  • Design your own factories with MineFactory Reloaded

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