MCProHosting + Tebex

MCProHosting + Tebex

MCProHosting is excited to announce our latest partnership with Tebex.

This partnership enables MCProHosting server owners to let their player base support their monthly server costs through selling perks or monthly memberships with Tebex’s platform.

Tebex is a monetization platform for games that support community/dedicated servers. Tebex work with content creators to provide them with the tools and platforms required for monetizing their user-generated content. Over the last decade, Tebex has supported over a million game servers, and over 15 million players have supported our content creators.

With Tebex’s new one-click setup, our customers can install Tebex on their game server within 30 seconds with no requirement of installing complicated plugins.
Server owners can accept payments from their community from over 60 different payment methods and withdraw straight to their PayPal or bank account easily.

With Tebex, you can now enable the ability to be supported by your server community through payments and additional server benefits!

Tebex CEO Lee McNeil is proud to be at the forefront of growing Tebex’s reach and supporting growing communities with the Tebex platform:

 “Tebex believes in the importance of user-generated content within game servers which creates new content for players to enjoy while increasing the popularity of such games. Enabling content creators to be rewarded for their hard work through our monetization platform is what we do best. As the gaming creator economy expands, we look forward to working with MCProHosting to provide their customers with a reliable, feature-rich payments platform.”

MCProHosting is happy to be able to give more users the ability to help support their server and protect their server with Shield by MCProHosting:

“Partnering with Tebex has further enabled our ability to support all server owners big and small as well as giving them another option to protect their Minecraft servers from DDoS attacks.”

To enable Tebex on your server go to “Monetize” on One Control Center. Make sure your server is on the correct version and you’re ready to start.



MCProHosting is one of the Worlds largest and most popular game server host companies. We have game server options for Minecraft, Valheim, Rust, and many more great games. MCProHosting is proud to partner with Tebex, enabling their server owners to get started within the gaming creator economy.

MCProHosting gives people from all over the world the ability to create new online experiences to share with their friends, fans, or family.