Site Redesign Towards Minecraft Server Hosting

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MCProHosting Site Redesign

Hello MCProHosting customers, partners, and friends!

We’re excited to bring you an update to our website that will aim to change and continue to improve the best Minecraft server hosting around. Through hard work from our expert engineers, the site has undergone a change taking MCProHosting back to its roots with only Minecraft server hosting. While we are saying goodbye to our old games, this will unlock a new level of service for your Minecraft server!

Minecraft Server Hosting Benefits

When hosting your own Minecraft server, many mighty benefits are included. An expertly made server control panel, One Control Center, integrates all options, files, and more to your fingertips to be able to make adjustments in seconds. Innovations like the Server Management add-ons provide monthly server setups and advanced support to create your server. And if you ever want to try something new, you’ll have the ability to back up and switch between any Minecraft server types at any time. All this with powerful DDoS protection and a support team that always has your back while you make the perfect Minecraft game server!

What Will Happen to My Existing Game Server?

If you happen to own a game server with us that isn’t Minecraft, you may be wondering what will happen to that server. Your server is safe and will remain, however, since only Minecraft servers are available, it won’t be possible to order other game servers. While playing on a game server, if you need help our support team will still be able to assist you too. With that said, if you decide to switch hosts for other game server options, we recommend our friends over at Nitrado. Nitrado offers over 100 different game servers with fantastic support and server features, being a great choice if you decide to move!

Experience a Redesigned Minecraft Server Experience

MCProHosting site redesign - Beepers celebratingAs we head towards the future, we want to thank you for being a part of our server hosting family and a part of our mission to provide the best Minecraft server hosting out there. It is thanks to you that we drive towards new goals and a better tomorrow for Minecraft server owners everywhere. Experience the MCProHosting site redesign and see what possibilities unfold for you and your friends on your own Minecraft server!

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