Shield Behind the Scenes - Creating the Animation, The DDaus & more! 🎥

Shield Behind the Scenes - Creating the Animation, The DDaus & more! 🎥

Hello MCProHosting Community!

We come to you all today with a BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK at our latest Animated Adventure, “The Depths of Noda Scotia”


The story was to be developed based on the release of our latest product, Shield.
We wanted to create a world where players can understand the benefits of having DDoS Protection on their servers. But how do we explain what a DDoS attack looks and feels like, visually? For this, we took to the drawing board and started designing a very nefarious race of creatures!


These creepy-crawlers gave us the chills when our design team shared with us the early sketches shown below. Within minutes of checking out what they had drafted up, we knew that it was precisely the type of vibe we were going for!

When developing The DDaus, we wanted them to look scary, fast, and electrifying. Dive into some of the early concept art our design team did, and let us know what you think! 

Here are some quick facts about The DDaus:

  • Always found in groups
  • Strongest when they attack as one
  • They are easily provoked
  • They seek out vulnerabilities in a host
  • The DDaus often attack when their enemy least suspects it, attacking in large numbers with ill intent


When we set out to create a world that Beepers lives in, we wanted to make sure we weren’t missing any beats. Our goal was to be as on-the-nose as possible with our demographic, so naturally, we had to use words and names similar to the types of products and services we offer to best relate with our community.

It took us about 10-15 tries before reaching the name Noda Scotia, but once we arrived at it, it was like a light turned on above our heads. Before arriving at this name, below, you’ll find a few of the other possible words we were potentially going to roll with; feel free to let us know which one is your favorite over on our official Discord!

  • Servia
  • Nodeland
  • Hosting Hills
  • Temple of Servios
  • Hostlandia

Naturally, we had our design team come up with concept are for this as well; some of it even made it over to our IMGUR in case you want to use it for a desktop background 😉

At a glance, take a look at some more lore bits related to Noda Scotia:

  • There are tales of ancient powers told of these lands
  • It is the home to the electrifying race of the DDaus
  • The Noda Scotia Jungles are more dangerous than they might appear; many adventures have not returned looking for the lost treasures held within


Our pride and joy, the Shield! While Beepers may be the hero of our story, every hero needs a Shield! When we set out to design a product based on providing DDoS Protection for our community, we needed to make it symbolic. Something which can genuinely give the notion that you’ll be protected. The universal representation of a Shield was the perfect symbol for the message we wanted to purvey across our worldwide demographic, so we went full speed ahead with its design!

Check out some concept images of the Shield below!

Here are some more great details about Shield!

  • Whoever wields it has unbeatable protection
  • Robust, lightweight, and has wireless docking capabilities 
  • The Shield is made out of Protohostium, a rare mineral found deep within rock formations and unique places around the world
  • It is said that ancient crafters of the realm forged the Shield. Created with the sole purpose to protect those who cannot defend themselves


While you’ve seen our lovely mascots in the past, you’ve never seen them like this!

The hero of our story, Beepers, is seen setting off on a journey to track down the Shield with the hopes that in finding and activating it, he can further protect the community with which he knows and loves! Beepers is a fearless robot and is always up for a challenge, especially if it will help provide more added benefits for the community! His exact origins are still unknown, but stories tell that he was found by the researchers and scientists at MCProHosting many years ago and has since been appointed their Director of Robotics for all the good he has provided to the world!

Here are some other cool fun-facts about Beepers:

  • He is an expert in Minecraft Archaeology
  • A World Famous Brand Mascot and Adventurer
  • Has copious (dare we say, unlimited?) amounts of RAM that always come in handy, especially when rare situations require more!

Dedi, the trusty companion and best friend of Beepers, is often found watching Beepers’ back to make sure he is not blind-sided. With an unparalleled sense of awareness, he is frequently seen scouting the areas in which they set off on an adventure, too, and is usually off fighting creatures and doing his very best to help Beepers get out of sticky situations!

Dedi is the goodest boy for all of these reasons:

  • He is Beepers’ best friend and protector!
  • He won Assistant of the year in 2019
  • Provides excellent support to all (especially those that give him head scratches)
  • More potent than he might appear
  • Dedi is small but mighty; rumors say that he could run Crysis on full settings!


And that just about wraps up our Behind-the-scenes look at our latest Animated Adventure, Shield by MCProHosting! We hope you enjoyed it and can’t wait to share with you all some sneak-peeks of our next project, which entered production earlier this week!

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