SevTech Ages Server – Guide

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Take on the unique ages of Minecraft with your friends on SevTech Ages server hosting!

SevTech Ages server Introduction

Try never before made gameplay mechanics with your friends in a SevTech Ages server modpack. Mechanics such as sneaky hiding ore, dynamically hidden items, and new unique mobs! SevTech Ages modpack is a progression-based pack of Minecraft mods. With over 200 mods to enjoy, players are taken through a rich storyline through different ages of time. Working alongside your friends in the pack, you can unlock and develop new technologies and advance with hundreds of hours of gameplay. A rewarding experience to play with your friends, below we’ll show you how to set up and play on your own SevTech Ages Minecraft server hosting!

How to Make a SevTech Ages server

Before starting your own SevTech Ages modpack server, we recommend ensuring your server has enough RAM to run this modpack. This modpack recommends at least 6GB - 8GB of RAM to run at top performance. If your server needs more RAM, you can upgrade within your client area here.

  1. Head over to your Minecraft server and press “Stop” to turn it off.
  2. Next, look to the left under “Server Management” and press “Switch Server Type”.
  3. how to switch to SevTech Ages server hosting

  4. In the next menu, use the search bar to find “SevTech Ages”. Afterward, click “Install Selected” next to that modpack to begin the installation.
  5. installing SevTech Ages server files

  6. You’ll now be asked if you’d like to select any files to delete from your server. We recommend backing up and wiping your previous Minecraft server files to ensure a smooth installation and a freshly generated world. Finally, when you’re ready press “Install SevTech Ages” to finish installing the modpack. You’re now ready to play your SevTech Ages server with friends!

Travel Time in the SevTech Ages Modpack with Friends

Venturing into the SevTech Ages modpack with friends on a server is a thrilling experience where players navigate through the game's various ages together to overcome its challenges. You and your friends can unlock advanced technologies and advance to higher ages, heading into the future together. The future holds a lot of fun too, with mods like Biomes O' Plenty, Thermal Expansion, Tinkers' Construct, and Quark.

Not only can you advance technology, but you can even dabble in blood magic. Watch out though as some magic is extremely powerful and, if used incorrectly, can result in needing to respawn. The SevTech Ages modded experience also includes the mod Together Forever. Using this mod, you and your friends can form teams and sync progress during your adventures. With your friends, through completing quests, exploring custom dimensions, and beating unique mobs and bosses, you'll experience an adventure like never before in SevTech Ages server hosting!

Additional SevTech Ages Server Modpack Gameplay Features

  • Advanced machinery such as multi-block structures to automate tasks
  • Quests and advancements that reward the player upon completion
  • Technology tiers to progress through in addition to the different ages
  • Magic progression where players can choose their own paths
  • Dynamic resource generation rather than static pre-generation
  • New mobs from the mods Mo’ Creatures, Lycanite, Ice and Fire, and more

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