RLCraft Guide - Minecraft Modpack

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Take on realism in Minecraft with RLCraft Server Hosting!

RLCraft Guide - Modpack Server Hosting Introduction

Experience the most ridiculously realistic modpack yet on your server with RLCraft server hosting. A large-scale 1.12.2 Minecraft modpack with over 150+ mods, the goal of the RLCraft is to add realism in the form of features like thirst, temperature, and more. Made for the most hardcore of Minecraft players, RLCraft adventurers are thrown into a pure survival adventure with RPG and immersion. You can learn more about the exploration and how to set up your own Minecraft server hosting below!

How to Set Up RLCraft Server Hosting

Before beginning, we recommend ensuring that your Minecraft server has at least 3GB - 4GB of RAM. If you need more RAM, you can easily upgrade your server within your client area!

  1. Head to your Minecraft server and press “Stop” to turn it off.
  2. Next, on the left under “Server Management”, click on “Switch Server Type”.
  3. switching server to RLCraft server hosting
  4. Use the search bar to find “RLCraft” within the server type installer. Once located, press the “Install Selected” button to begin installing that modpack on your server.
  5. how to install RLCraft server hosting to Minecraft
  6. Lastly, you’ll need to finalize the installation by selecting any files you’d like to delete and then press “Install RLCraft”. After a few moments, RLCraft will install and you’ll be ready to play the modpack on your RLCraft server hosting!
    • If you have existing files on your server, we recommend backing up those files and then deleting them when installing RLCraft. This will ensure RLCraft generates a new modded world correctly.

Exploration into RLCraft Server Hosting

Inside RLCraft, you and your friends will need to fight to survive, and along the way, you may meet, tame, and care for different creatures. Of the many creatures in RLCraft, the two most common types you’ll encounter include Lycanite mobs and Ice and Fire mobs. Lycanite mobs include the Yeti, Wendigo, and Maka, and Ice and Fire offer fantasy mobs like dragons, serpents, gorgons, and cyclops.

Exploring together with your friends and the creatures you befriend along the way, harsh survival factors including thirst and temperature will need to be monitored. Using your skills and the resources available around you, improve your gear to take on dungeons, get better resources, and discover unique technologies and magical items. In a journey filled with deep realism, will you and your friends be able to survive the challenge on RLCraft server hosting?

Other RLCraft Server Hosting Gameplay Features

  • New weapons and tools
  • New mobs, dragons, and Infernal mobs
  • RPG items, skills, perks, and level-ups
  • Healing from food disabled
  • Realistic torches
  • Over 340 optional quests
  • Sound Engine overhaul
  • F3 disabled - map and compasses added

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