Pixelmon Server Hosting – Guide

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Can you and your friends catch them all on your Pixelmon Server Hosting?

Pixelmon Server Hosting Introduction

Hello adventurer and welcome to the world of Pokemon with Pixelmon Minecraft server hosting. On a Pixelmon server, you and fellow trainers from around the world join to choose their first Pokemon. From there, you’ll set out on an adventure spanning many diverse regions filled with over 900 Pokemon to meet. Plus, there are two different versions to play on whether you prefer Minecraft 1.12.2 or 1.16.5. Follow us below to begin your Pokemon journey with friends on your very own Pixelmon server hosting!

How to Make a Pixelmon Server

  1. To start your journey, head to your Minecraft control panel and stop the server.
  2. From there, to the left under “Server Management”, press “Switch Server Type”.
  3. setting up Pixelmon Server Hosting
  4. Next, use the search to find “The Pixelmon Modpack”. Then, press “Install Selected” to start installing the server modpack.
  5. how to install Pixelmon Server Hosting
  6. Lastly, the installer will ask if you would like to delete any files from your server. This is useful for resetting your files/world to generate a new world. Once any files are selected, press “Install The Pixelmon Modpack” to complete the installation. In a short time, your Pixelmon server will be online and ready for you and your friends to join!

Be the Very Best with Pixelmon Server Hosting

While traveling across the Pokemon regions with friends on your Pixelmon server hosting, there is a lot to do to become the very best. You can aim to catch every Pokemon out there, including the newest addition, Paldea Wooper. Or plunder some pirate boats for loot and Pokeballs. As a server owner, you can even utilize cheat commands to get Master Balls so that you can catch all of your favorites! See if you and your friends can catch them all, beat the gyms, and become Pokemon Masters on your own Pixelmon server hosting!

More Pixelmon Server Hosting Gameplay Features

  • 900+ Pokemon to meet and discover, including their shiny forms
  • Quests that provide rewards upon completion
  • Support for additional side mods like Wonder Trade
  • Hundreds of new items and gear themed after Pokemon
  • Every type of Pokeball - Ancient Heavy Ball, Feather Ball, Dusk Ball, and more
  • Pokemon Centers within towns to heal your Pokemon
  • Unique structures including Haunted Tower, Poke Marts, Day Care Buildings, and more
  • Enemies including Team Plasma and boss Pokemon

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