Origins Server Modpack Guide

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Journey into Minecraft Dungeon in regular Minecraft with the Dungeons Origins server modpack!

Origins Server Modpack Guide Introduction

Enter a new adventure of Minecraft Dungeons x Minecraft with the Origins server modpack. The Dungeons Origins Fabric modpack contains everything you loved about Minecraft Dungeons and more to enjoy. From diverse new biomes like a better Nether and End to dungeons and custom mineshafts. In addition, players can collect powerful gear and take on unique custom mobs and bosses. By leveling up, working together, and gaining better items and mighty enchantments, you are sure to survive the dungeons. You can enter one of those dungeons in the next section, where you can learn how to create your own Minecraft Dungeons Origins server for you and your friends!

How to Make a Dungeon Origins Server

Before setting out on a grand journey into the depths of the Dungeon Origins modpack, it’s imperative to prepare your server with enough RAM to run at its best. Since modpacks require more RAM than Vanilla Minecraft, and with the number of mods in this modpack, we recommend 4GB of RAM. If your server requires more RAM, you can easily upgrade it within your client area.

  1. To try this modpack, head to your Minecraft server panel and stop your server.
  2. Next, use the navigation on the left and, under “Server Management”, press “Switch Server Type”.
  3. how to switch to the Dungeons Origins server modpack

  4. Then, use the search bar to find “Dungeon Origins”. Once you see it, press “Install Selected” to start the installation.
  5. installing Minecraft Dungeon Origins modpack to your server

  6. From there, finalize the installation by selecting any files you’d like to delete from your server. It’s recommended to back up and wipe your server files for a clean modpack install. After, press “Install Dungeon Origins (Fabric)” to finish the installation. You and your friends will now be ready to adventure into your Minecraft Dungeons Origins server!

Play the Minecraft Dungeons Origins Modpack with Friends

The Dungeon Origins server modpack will flip your server into an entirely new game. Focused on bringing Minecraft Dungeons to Minecraft servers, this modpack offers everything for any type of server player. For collectors, they’ll find powerful unique weapons like the Void Bow and Mushroom Shield. Explorers will find a variety of dungeons to explore including the Ruined Tower, Forsaken Cemetery, and the Overgrown Temple. If that wasn’t enough, there are also plenty of new biomes to explore thanks to the Biomes mod. These areas feature Ice Plains, Mushroom Forests, and even Volcanic Wastelands.

When gathering better weapons and armor to advance further in your world, there are also enchantments. These enchantments, such as Lifesteal, Voidwalker, and Explosive provide a boost to the already strong damage the weapons offer. While you’re playing with friends, working together is important which can be done through co-op dungeons. By adventuring together, players can create and invite each other to clans and trade gear to keep their clan mates safe. With so much thrilling exploration to be had, where will your Dungeon Origins server take you and your friends first?

Minecraft Dungeons Origins Gameplay Features

  • Since Dungeon Origins is a Fabric-based modpack, this pack benefits from Fabric mods such as Sodium, Phosphor, and Lithium.
  • Join the world as a new “Origin” or as a “Mob Origin”, where you can start as a descendant of Endermen, Pillagers, or even a Blaze!
  • Loot exciting areas like Battle Towers, the Dungeons of Exile, and Better Mineshafts

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