One Control Center Changelog [04/14/2020]

One Control Center Changelog [04/14/2020]

Hello MCProHosting Community!

Welcome back to another OneControlCenter Changelog!

Today we showcase our lovely collection of squashed bugs and quality of life improvements!

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When tackling the bugs, our engineers are continually checking and rechecking the process to find out what’s working or what can work better. One of the things they check often is the #feedback-suggestions channel of our Community Discord. There they go over all of the suggestions made by our fantastic community and form a pipeline of fixes that are then prioritized based on a number of cases!

So with that said, we truly appreciate the continued efforts of our community members who take the time to share their thoughts and feedback with us! They are a big part of why we strive for perfection each and every day!

Our goal with OCC is always to make sure we provide everyone with the best back-end experience possible, making it quick and easy to navigate. Let us know if there are any more things you’d like to see improved, and we’ll make sure to look over it carefully!