Medieval Minecraft Server – Guide

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Go back to Dark Ages with a Medieval Minecraft server with your friends!

Medieval Minecraft Server Introduction

The greatest medieval fantasy RPG exploration is just around the corner when you try Medieval Minecraft server hosting with your friends. Inside the Medieval Minecraft modpack, there are over 300+ mods with something for every type of gamer to enjoy. You and your friends can dive into epic boss battles, explore civilizations, build a kingdom, use magic, collect new weapons, and more. To get started on your own adventure, you can look below to learn how to set up your own Medieval Minecraft server for you and your friends!

How to Set Up a Medieval Minecraft Server

When it comes to creating your own Medieval Minecraft modpack server, since there are many mods within this pack, at least 6GB - 8GB of RAM is recommended. That RAM will ensure your server is running at its best for you and your server players. If you already have a server and need to upgrade, you can do that within your client area here.

  1. To start, go to your Minecraft server panel and stop your server.
  2. Next, to the left below “Server Management”, click on “Switch Server Type”.
  3. Medieval Minecraft server hosting - how to switch

  4. In the server type installer menu, use the search bar to find “Medieval MC”. You can choose between the Forge and Fabric versions of this modpack. Afterward, press “Install Selected” next to that modpack to start the installation.
  5. installing a Medieval Minecraft server

  6. Finally, to finalize the installation select any files you’d like to delete from your server. We recommend backing up and wiping your server files to ensure a smooth installation and new world generation. Afterward, press “Install Medieval MC” to finish the installation. You’re now ready to begin playing on your Medieval Minecraft server with friends!

Your Quest Starts Here - Play Medieval Minecraft with Friends

The Medieval Minecraft server modpack can provide a thrilling experience to your server players. The addition of medieval and fantasy-themed mods creates a unique and captivating game world filled with new challenges and adventures. Some of these many mods include End Remastered, overhauling The End world, and Enhanced Survival Mechanics adding advanced hunger, thirst, and difficult mobs to fight. With these mods combined, it creates an epic RPG experience as you play with friends.

Playing on a server offers the opportunity for players to cooperate on adventures, such as constructing a village together, exploring uncharted dimensions, or facing formidable bosses. While playing through quests, players can share resources, help each other overcome difficult challenges, and advance together. Whether players prefer working together to build kingdoms or enjoy engaging in PvP battles in medieval times, the Medieval Minecraft modpack offers a fun and engaging multiplayer experience that will bring friends closer together!

Other Medieval Minecraft Server Gameplay Features

  • NPC Villages with medieval-style NPCs including traders, guards, and villagers
  • Magic surrounds players with spells, familiars, and more to experience
  • Enhanced alchemy and brewing systems with new potions, elixirs, and more
  • Create custom tools and weapons to personalize your equipment
  • 8 new dimensions and plenty of new biomes to adventure across
  • Advanced mining and crafting mechanics for complex tools and items
  • New agricultural and cooking systems to grow and prepare new foods

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