MCProHosting is now a part of the Nitrado Family! 🎉

MCProHosting is now a part of the Nitrado Family! 🎉

We are pleased to announce that Nitrado, under the FLEX Capital umbrella, has acquired MCProHosting!

This has been a grand work in progress for us and we are so very happy to share this with all of you as we kick start the new year!

You can find the official press release about this announcement here.

To give a bit of insight; Nitrado was founded in 2001 by Marco Balle and Marcel Bößendörfer in Karlsruhe. With over 110 employees, the company operates ten data centers on five continents and thus reaches customers in over 100 countries. In addition to operating a hosting infrastructure for multiplayer games, Nitrado develops software applications for server control, monitoring and security.

Together, Nitrado and MCProHosting will strengthen our market position in English-speaking countries, especially within the USA. to add, MCProHosting will help Nitrado take its customer service and product development to the next level, while Nitrado will act as the infrastructure provider for MCProHosting.

In addition, FLEX Capital is a private equity investor with a focus on medium-sized software and internet companies in German-speaking countries. Together with the Nitrado team, they have set out to build the world’s leading game hosting company, and we are very happy to become a part of that.

We know that with these types of announcements, there are questions, so we’ve gone ahead and created a FAQ in which we feel will contain common questions amongst our community and clients! Please feel free to dive into those below:


Will my services still be active through the MCProHosting website, or will it be transferred over to Nitrado?
Both companies will run in parallel and services won’t change. If you’re an MCProHosting customer or Nitrado customer, your service will stay exactly the same.

Do I still contact MCProHosting for support queries regarding my services, or do I now go through the Nitrado support?
Yes, you should still contact us as you have done in the past.

Why did Nitrado buy MCProHosting?
Jointly, Nitrado and MCProHosting Hosting will strengthen their market position in the English-speaking world, especially in the USA. Furthermore, MCProHosting Hosting will support Nitrado to bring its technical and client support to the next level.

With the merge of MCProHosting, will Nitrado be offering some of the server locations MCProHosting offers that they currently do not offer?
Currently, there are no plans yet to open additional server locations.

I am currently partnered with MCProHosting. Does this merge mean I am now partnered with Nitrado too?
For the beginning, no. Meaning, we are operating initially as 2 different entities and you should/could sign up for both.

With the merge of MCProHosting, will MCProHosting’ social media channels be merged with Nitrado?
No. Both brands will continue to co-exist as normal.

As MCProHosting has merged with Nitrado. Would I be allowed to have a partnership with both companies without the conflict of interest. One for ARK and one for Minecraft? (This is just an example)
Yes. A partnership is managed by the marketing teams in both companies based on the performance of the content partners, and in this sense, those are not competing interests..

Will MCProHosting be discontinued soon and will there only be Nitrado available then?
No. We will keep the brand as it currently is known in the gaming space.

Is the affiliate link going to work for both Nitrado and MCProHosting?
Each company will maintain its separate infrastructure. This means links will only take you to the company it was created from.

How is the hosting going to work? How will I know if I’m being hosted by MCProHosting or Nitrado? Are the hosts going to be ‘merged’ between the companies?
It depends on where you rent the server. On the Nitrado or MCProHosting website. The two brands will run in parallel.

Can I move the credit I have to the other provider?
As both systems work separately, this is not possible.

If I want to change my Minecraft service from Nitrado to MCProHosting, how can I do it?
Unfortunately, this is not possible automatically, as both systems work separately. Therefore, you have to do this manually.

We look forward to continue offering everyone with great service and exceptional products, with even more great things in the works on the horizon!