Start an MC Eternal Server in Minecraft

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Quests, dungeons, and factories are just the beginning on an MC Eternal Server!

MC Eternal Server Introduction

Enhance your Minecraft server experience with unique twists and turns with an MC Eternal modpack server. MC Eternal is a handcrafted fresh modded journey, including distinctive RPG elements, a custom bounty system, dungeons, towns, factories, and more. In this quest-filled modpack, you and your server players can pick a profession, earn money, and improve their character and gear. With over 280 mods, this modpack is packed with experiences and possibilities to play the way you desire and is a must-play for all Minecraft players. Dive below as we show you how to make your own MC Eternal Minecraft server and what other excitements are in store for you and your friends!

How to Set Up an MC Eternal Server

Before embarking on your MC Eternal modpack server journey, it is important to ensure that your Minecraft server has at least 3GB - 4GB of RAM allocated. This ensures your server will run perfectly since modpacks require more RAM than regular Vanilla Minecraft. If your server requires more RAM, you can easily upgrade it within your client area.

  1. First, head to your Minecraft server panel and stop your server.
  2. Next, look to the left under “Server Management” and press “Switch Server Type”.
  3. how to install an MC Eternal server
  4. After, use the search bar to find “MC Eternal” and once found, press “Install Selected” to start the installation.
  5. installing MC Eternal server
  6. Lastly, finalize the installation by selecting any files you’d like to delete from your server. After, press “Install MC Eternal” and it will finish the installation. You’re now ready to play on your MC Eternal server!
    • To avoid file issues after MC Eternal has been installed on your server, we recommend backing up all existing files on your server. Afterward, remove those files before installing MC Eternal. This will ensure that the MC Eternal modpack generates a new modded world without any issues.

Experience the MC Eternal Server Modpack with Friends

Tons of thrilling adventures await you and your friends in the MC Eternal server modpack. Not only are there hundreds of unique RPG elements, but there are also magic, science, quests, combat, bosses, automation, exploration, and rats that shoot cheese out of cannons?! While you and your friends proceed through the world, your quest book will offer many challenges to complete. Some end up being quite wacky, like collecting 1 million dirt or battling every boss in the world of MC Eternal.

With there being so many mods in MC Eternal, there is so much more that we can’t possibly cover but we’ll try! Magic, tech, and nature in Botania add magical flowers and devices that use Mana to run. Primitive Mobs mod adds 25 new mobs such as the Treasure Slime, Lost Miner, Rocket Creeper, and more. To stay safe in a world filled with so many extraordinary creatures and dangers, using tools and unique armor from Tinkers Construct and Construct’s Armory will protect you and your friends. Will you and your fellow server players be able to survive the crazy world of MC Eternal? Try the “survive 30 hours without dying challenge” and see if you have what it takes to make it out alive!

Wondrous MC Eternal Server Gameplay Features

  • Hundreds of Tinkers Construct materials to use
  • Over 750 quests with more coming in regular updates
  • Dozens of tameable pets and creatures to help you
  • MineColonies and Jobs for professions and earning currency
  • RPG elements to choose your path, from a mage to a mad scientist
  • Unique bounty system to encourage exploration and adventure
  • Custom dungeons, structures, and bosses to uncover
  • Dynamic shops and legendary items to find and use

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