Introducing Factorio 1.0!

Introducing Factorio 1.0!

Hey there, Factory building connoisseurs!

We are so happy to celebrate Factorio’s launch day alongside you all! From mid 2012 to today, it’s been a long 8 and a half years for the development team and player base alike but, today is a day to celebrate as the game is officially out!

Before we dive into all the updates, we’d like to share five fun facts about Factorio that you may not know!


  • There was a total of 18,855 bug reports since its inception.
  • 5,603 mods were created (to date) for the game.
  • Factorio has an average total playtime of roughly 138.9 hours among its players.
  • There are over 2.9 Million people who own Factorio to date.
  • The all-time player peak of Factorio was 22,457 (about a year ago) – It’s currently sitting at 15,118 and rising!


Without further adieu, here’s everything that came with today’s update launch!


  • Added Spidertron and Spidertron remote.
  • Added Freeplay crash site.


  • Added polluted water visual effect.
  • Added biter base decoratives.
  • New visual effects for the atomic bomb.


  • Significantly reduced the volume of robots deconstructing and entity destroyed alert.
  • Reverted mining drill sound to the 0.17 version with high pitched part removed.
  • Reverted inserter, furnace and assembling machine sounds to the 0.17 version.
  • Changed the checkbox click sound (based on dropdown open sound).
  • Changed the “green button sound” to have a normal button sound.


  • Added EnemySpawnerPrototype and TurretPrototype properties: spawn_decoration and spawn_decoration_on_expansion.
  • EntityPrototype water_reflection can now be defined inside graphics_set.
  • Added ExplosionPrototype properties: Explosion prototype: scale_animation_speed, fade_in_duration, fade_out_duration, scale_in_duration, scale_out_duration, scale_end, scale_increment_per_tick, scale_initial, scale_initial_deviation, scale, and scale_deviation.
  • ParticleSourcePrototype particle is now optional, added smoke property.
  • Added ProjectilePrototype properties: speed_modifier and turning_speed_increases_exponentially_with_projectile_speed.
  • Added LightDefinitionItem::source_orientation_offset.
  • Added DecorativePrototype::decal_overdraw_priority.
  • Added AreaTriggerItem::show_in_tooltip.
  • Added ‘set-tile’ and ‘camera-effect’ trigger effects.
  • Added CreateDecorativesTriggerEffectItem properties: apply_projection and spread_evenly.
  • Added CreateExplosionTriggerEffectItem properties: max_movement_distance, inherit_movement_distance_from_projectile and cycle_while_moving.
  • Added DamageTriggerEffectItem properties: vaporize, lower_distance_threshold, upper_distance_threshold, lower_damage_modifier and upper_damage_modifier.
  • Added PlaySoundTriggerEffectItem properties: min_distance, max_distance, volume_modifier, audible_distance_modifier and play_on_target_position.
  • Added ProjectileAttackParameters::projectile_orientation_offset.
  • Added build_blueprint_small, build_blueprint_medium and build_blueprint_large to utility sounds.
  • Renamed build_big utility sound to build_large.


  • Added LuaEntity::autopilot_destination, vehicle_automatic_targeting_parameters and time_to_next_effect read/write.
  • Added LuaItemStack::connected_entity read/write.
  • Added LuaEntity::is_entity_with_force, is_entity_with_owner and is_entity_with_health read.
  • Added LuaEntity::spawn_decorations().
  • Added on_cutscene_cancelled, on_player_configured_spider_remote and on_player_used_spider_remote events.
  • Added optional spawn_decorations parameter to LuaGameScript::create_entity.



Despite the launch of 1.0, there are still roughly 150 bugs reported by the developers that they’d like to fix in an upcoming 1.1 update. In addition to these bugs, they have roughly 80 internal tasks that need to be solved. What those are remain a mystery, but we can only imagine its to further Factorio’s appeal even more. It is important to know however that they did say 1.1 will more-so fill the gaps in existing features, versus adding new major content.

The developers went on to tackle why it is that they started their “Friday Facts” blog that dove into the latest updates on Factorio each Friday. Besides establishing a straight forward communication channel between them and us (the players) the blog served as weekly milestones for the team, serving as a way to assist with reaching goals. In addition to this, they also said that there were some cases in which the Friday Facts blog helped with creating cool last minute features to make that weeks blog post feel more complete, which is pretty cool of them to do!

Most importantly of all however, is that it served as a archive of how far the game has come. They even referred to the blog posts as their own “diary” which is pretty neat. But all great things must come to an end, and since the game is officially launched now, they have stated that there is no longer a need for the blog posts and that now is “the right time to stop”. While slightly saddened by this, we completely understand as they have been hard at work getting the game to where it’s at today.

While weekly updates wont be a thing anymore, there is still a way to get updates when they do occur, simply be signing up to their newsletter, so if you fancy that type of stuff, feel free to check that out!


Now that the game is officially out, what better way to celebrate than to create your very own multiplayer server and invite your friends to play and build with you?

In addition to this, you can join our official Discord Community where we have a channel dedicated to Factorio server owners and players alike!

Source: Friday Fact #360 | Factorio Forums


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