How To Make a Minecraft Fabric Server

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Unravel a Fabric Minecraft Server to create a modded adventure with friends!

Minecraft Fabric Server Introduction

Adventure in modded worlds where nearly anything you can imagine is possible when you play with friends on a Minecraft Fabric server. Fabric is a Minecraft type that adds support for mods to the game and servers that add new features, worlds, and creatures. The Fabric modpacks you can explore include All of Fabric, a pack curated with content like mythical mounts, custom structures, and magic. To try Fabric, join us in the sections below as we show you how to host a Minecraft server to journey into brand-new modded lands with your friends!

How to Make a Minecraft Fabric Server

  1. First, go on your Minecraft server and stop it.
  2. Then, on the left under “Server Management”, select “Switch Server Type”.
  3. how to install Minecraft Fabric server
  4. Using the search bar in the server type installer, look for “Fabric”.
  5. installing Fabric Minecraft server type
  6. Once you see that server type, you can use the “Version” dropdown to change the version of Fabric that will be installed. Afterward, press “Install Selected” to install Fabric to your Minecraft server.
  7. After a few moments, your Minecraft Fabric server will be ready to have mods installed.

How to Install Minecraft Fabric Mods

  1. Firstly, download Fabric API for installation later. This mod is required by Fabric to allow Fabric mods to work correctly.
  2. Head to your Minecraft server and, on the left under “Server Management”, select “FTP File Browser” to access your server files.
  3. Within your server files, enter the “mods” folder.
  4. Fabric Minecraft server mods folder
  5. Inside the mods folder, press “Upload File(s)” at the top.
  6. Find the Fabric mods you downloaded including Fabric API, select them, and press “Open”.
  7. Once those mods have finished uploading, restart your Minecraft Fabric server.

Play Modded Minecraft on a Minecraft Fabric Server

When using Fabric mods, you and your fellow adventurers unlock amazing new journeys. From a real-time minimap to the eerie breathtaking realm known as Twilight Forest. With over 7500 Minecraft Fabric mods to try, you can create a server with nearly anything you can think of. Having so many options, what type of Minecraft Fabric server will you and your friends create?

Try Minecraft Fabric Server Modpacks

All of the below modpacks are available with our Minecraft Fabric server hosting!

  • All of Fabric 3
  • All of Fabric 4
  • All of Fabric 5
  • Fabric Simple Origins
  • Extra Origins SMP
  • Valhelsia Fabric
  • Better MC (Fabric)
  • Medieval MC (Fabric)

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