Enigmatica 6 Server – Modpack Guide

Enigmatica 6 Server – Modpack Guide
Experience the wonders of automation, magic, and more in Minecraft with Engiatica 6 Server Hosting!

Enigmatica 6 Server Guide – Modpack Introduction

Turn a new leaf with friends inside Enigmatica 6 server hosting, a modpack designed to have a bit of everything in it. Enigmatica 6 is a 1.16.5 modpack bursting with over 350+ mods, providing a wealth of content to explore. Within these mods, there is everything from beautiful world generation, tons of unique structures, and automation through machines and blocks, alongside hundreds of new building and decorative blocks. There is something to suit everyone’s tastes in this pack, plus some magic and mystery strewed throughout. With so much to discover and enjoy, Enigmatica 6 offers a fantastic opportunity to embark on an exciting Minecraft journey with your companions through hours of thrilling fun. In this guide, we will show you how to install Enigmatica 6 to your server and everything that awaits you and your friends inside its wondrous magical RPG-style world.

How to Set Up an Enigmatica 6 Server

When starting your Enigmatica 6 modpack server quest, your Minecraft server must have enough RAM to run at its best. We recommend at least 6GB - 8GB of allocated server RAM. If your server requires more RAM, you can instantly upgrade it within your client area.
  1. To begin installing the Enigmatica 6 modpack, head to your Minecraft server and stop it.
  2. Then, to the left under “Server Management”, click on “Switch Server Type”.
  3. switching to the Engimatica 6 server modpack

  4. Next, using the search bar find “Enigmatica 6” and once you see it, press “Install Selected” to start the modpack installation.
  5. how to install Engimatica 6 server files

  6. Finally, to finalize the installation select any files you’d like to delete from your server. Afterward, press “Install Enigmatica 6” to finish the installation. You’re now ready to play on your Enigmatica 6 server!
    • To prevent file issues such as a corrupted world once Enigmatica 6 is installed on your server, we recommend that you back up all existing files on your server and then wipe your files before installing the modpack. This will ensure that the Enigmatica 6 modpack installs correctly and generates a new modded world without any issues.

Fantastical Journeys Inside an Enigmatica 6 Server

An immersive and challenging adventure awaits you and your friends when you jump into the Enigmatica 6 server modpack. For starters, you’ll discover a comprehensive quest book, loads of customization options on your server to edit things like the difficulty, and amazing features in-game to try. While exploring Enigmatica 6, players can come across automation to make farming, collecting, and transferring resources as easy as possible. Outside the usage of machines, you can explore mods like Botania that contain magic and powerful plants to find.

Magic is not only in the plants either, with the ability to use various magic from mods like Ars Nouveau, Blood Magic, and Astral Sorcery. Combing tech and magic, you can truly make for an exciting experience if you choose to adventure inside the dungeons from the mod Dungeons Plus and DungeonCrawl. From all the loot you’ll collect, and the many decorative blocks from the Macaw’s Bridges/Roofs/Windows/Doors, the possibilities for what you’ll be able to create are endless. Bring along your friends for an Enigmatica 6 journey, where there are unlimited choices and fun through mods for everyone to enjoy!

More Fun Enigmatica 6 Server Gameplay Features

  • An assortment of tech from the Create mod, Immersive Engineering, Mekanism, Thermal Series, RFTools, and Refined Storage.
  • Beautiful custom world generation to adventure into and collect blocks in from mods like TerrageForged and Oh The Biomes You’ll Go.
  • Tons of dungeons and unique structures from Towers of the Wild, Lost Trinkets, Yung’s Better Strongholds and Mineshafts, and more.
  • Magical abilities and items that take your server to wondrous heights, including the mods Nature’s Aura, Occultism, and Magic Feather.

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