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Dragon Block C Server Hosting Introduction

Take your Minecraft server’s power level to over 9000 when you try the Dragon Block C server modpack Dragon Block C is a modpack crafted for fans of the old Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT animes. Inside this modpack, players can choose their race, experience the ultimate Dragonball story, explore new biomes, try different forms, KI attacks, and more. Whether you and your friends become powerful Saiyan warriors or a part of Frieza’s race known as the Changelings, power up and see where your adventure heads on your own Dragon Block C server!

How to Set Up a Dragon Block C Server

Before heading into the world of Dragonball on your Dragon Block C server, it’s vital to ensure your server has at least 2GB of RAM to run at its best. This ensures you can reach the highest power levels to go all out on your server. If your server needs more RAM, you can go into your client area and easily upgrade for more!

  1. To begin, proceed to your Minecraft server panel and press “Stop”.
  2. Afterward, to the left below “Server Management”, select the option “Switch Server Type”.
  3. switching Minecraft server to a Dragon Block C server
  4. Then, use the search bar to find “Dragon Block C”. After finding it, press “Install Selected” to start installing the modpack.
  5. how to install Dragon Block C server hosting
  6. The installer will ask if there are any files you’d like to delete from your server. After selecting any files, press “Install Dragon Block C” to complete the installation. You and your friends are now ready to enjoy your Dragon Block C server!
    • To prevent file problems after installing Dragon Block C on your server, we recommend taking a server backup and then wiping your server files. This will guarantee that the Dragon Block C modpack creates a new modded world correctly.

Play a Dragon Block C Server Today

Inside the world of Dragon Block C, you and your friends will have endless customization with all of the features that make Dragonball Z and Super fantastic! Transform into your favorite form with Super Saiyan Gold, Super Saiyan Blue, Ultra Instant, and even Ultra Instinct Omen. Within those forms, try out powerful skills like the ferocious Kamehameha, Final Flash, and Spirit Bomb. And along the way, you and your friends will meet all the characters from the main series including Goku, Vegeta, and even good old Whis!

During the progression of the Dragon Block C server story, you’ll go through the entire history of Dragon Ball. From the first episode of the Dragon Ball series up to Dragon Ball Super! Through difficult training, you and your friends can gain the power to take on dangerous foes like Vegeta, Frieza, Buu, and Jiren. Can you and your fellow warriors unleash the true power of the Genki Dama against your enemies by transforming, surviving, and becoming the ultimate Z fighter on your Dragon Block C server?

Mighty Dragon Block C Server Hosting Gameplay Features

  • A full story mode covering Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Super
  • Numerous races, forms, attacks, and skills to utilize
  • RPG elements and questing system to progress through the story
  • Unique weapons, gear, and Scouters to see enemy power levels
  • Travel in style with space pods and a Flying Nimbus
  • Find the Dragon Balls, summon the dragon, and make a wish
  • Plenty of enemies, masters, and other characters to meet

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