Discover the Deep Dark in Minecraft Update 1.19

Discover the Deep Dark in Minecraft Update 1.19


It’s time to get your favorite weapons ready for battle! The latest 1.19 update for Minecraft is coming on June 7th, and there is so much exciting content to dive into with this release. A powerful new enemy waits in the shadows with secrets lying beneath the ruins of ancient cities that hold the mysteries of the Deep Dark! Will you find the special loot hidden in the veil underground, or get swallowed by the darkness? ☠️

Avoid the sculk shriekers and bring an Allay along for the ride, as we prepare to discover the latest biomes, mobs, blocks, and items you’ll be equipped with in 🌳 The Wild Update! 🌳


As we begin our adventure into 1.19, let’s start by gathering the equipment we’ll need! The best gear is up by our armor stand to the left and there are some enchanted diamond swords in the chests behind you!
gear up in Minecraft update 1.19
You’ll also need the most important part of the journey, a Minecraft server so that everyone can play together. You can get a Minecraft server for your gaming crew at 25% off this summer for the lifetime that you own that plan when you use promo code SUMMER25 at checkout! Once you have your Minecraft server, bring your friends in and it’s time to do some recon into the new creatures we’ll be running into.

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tadpoles in the 1.19 Minecraft update



As we swim through the plains of Minecraft we encounter our first new creature, the tadpole with only 6 HP. The tadpole is an aquatic larva to the frog, hatched from frogspawn eggs that appear on water after breeding frogs. Tadpoles can take between 5 – 10 minutes to hatch from frogspawn eggs and will grow into frogs after 20 minutes. This process can be sped up through the use of slimeballs. Tadpoles will grow into one of three different frog variants and colors depending on the temperature of the environment they are in.

Minecraft 1.19 frogs



After passing through several different biomes with temperatures ranging from freezing cold to blisteringly hot, we’ve discovered three variants of a frog that has hopped into the game each with 10 HP. The frog appears orange in temperate weather, white when it’s warm, and green in cold biomes. Of all of the frogs we’ve examined, they all appear quite normal with the abilities to croak, jump, swim, and walk, albeit, quite slowly when on land.

In our research, frogs are able to be bred through the use of slimeballs. Once bred, frogs will lay eggs called frogspawn directly on the water. After about 5 to 10 minutes of laying those eggs, they will hatch into baby tadpoles.

Allay in the Minecraft 1.19 update



In continuing our path forward, we’ve come across some colorful and cute creatures trapped inside cages near a pillager outpost and inside of a woodland mansion nearby. Sweet and helpful creatures with 20 HP, once we released them they helped us by carrying supplies and they absolutely love the sound of note blocks and music. Some research notes we found on a pillager’s bed seem to show the creature came to life after the gaming community had voted to have the Allay added during Minecraft Live 2021. Definitely a great addition to our research quest!

Warden in Minecraft 1.19



When traveling through the Deep Dark biome, we uncovered something quite startling that we weren’t ready for. After walking past three sculk shriekers that had activated, this crazy monster called the Warden crawled out of the ground and began stumbling towards us. The mob was almost as tall as an endermen and was consumed in darkness, using its nose and the vibrations our movements had made to chase us. Seeing the 500 HP this creature had, we could only run. At one point the monster even screamed, hurting our other research party from nearly 15 blocks away but thankfully we all escaped.



Our team put on their tallest boots and still got soaked. This new swamp named Mangrove Swamp is quite a warm but very wet area. Stepping over roots and trenching through mud, we managed to find a swarm of white frogs gathering over top on lily pads with their tropical fish friends in the water below. So adorable!
mangrove swamps in The Wild Update


When digging to the deepest depths of the world, we finally found the rumored Deep Dark biome. Lonely, dark, and cold, this biome contained many new blocks including sculk that was lying everywhere. It seemed this biome was commonly found between Y -1 and Y -64, and also could contain ancient cities with a lot of unique loot. Watch your step though, as sculk shriekers can trigger the Warden to come.
deep dark biome in the Minecraft 1.19 update


During our escapade into the Deep Dark, we found an ancient city! These ancient cities appeared to sometimes stretch forever in the darkness. Beautiful deepslate blocks, basalt, gray wool, and reinforced deepslate were mixed throughout the walls. Chests laid throughout the paths of this city, containing loot of echo shards and disc fragments we had only dreamed of finding. With these item findings, we were soon to discover even more items had appeared throughout the world!
Minecraft 1.19 ancient city


Placing our items on the wooden board below, our research team has included extensive details about each item found in our discoveries including where that is located and how to craft it.
Minecraft 1.19 items

  • Bucket of Tadpole – Attempting to scoop up some water in the mangrove biome, we ended up collecting a tadpole creating a bucket of tadpoles.
  • Disc Fragment – When searching through chests in the ancient cities, we came across disc fragments that appeared to be a part of a music disc.
  • Echo Shard – In those same chests within the ancient cities, we also found Echo shards that appeared to hold importance.
  • Music Disc “5” – Once we left the ancient city, we managed to collect 9 pieces of disc fragments. Combining them together, it created a new music disc called Music Disc 5!
  • Recovery Compass – Attempting to figure out the echo shards, our team placed a compass in the middle of a crafting table surrounded by 8 echo shards. It ended up creating the recovery compass, which showed us the last locations we had perished at.
  • Goat Horn – Back on land, we came across goats ramming into ores, logs, and stone. One of the goats dropped a goat horn and when played, it was so loud!
  • Mangrove Boat – When we messed around with mangrove trees and wood, we found that the wood could be crafted into many things including a new boat variant!
  • Spawn eggs for Allay, Frog, Tadpole, and Warden – Our research team in the creative division uncovered brand new eggs inside of the creative menu and found that each one spawned in a new mob from The Wild Update!


Next, we have displayed each of the unique blocks we have found throughout our adventures so far. With each block being cooler than the last, you can learn the details below!
Minecraft 1.19 blocks

  • Froglight – When we noticed a frog had hopped near a magma cube, it consumed the cube creating a light called a froglight.
  • Frogspawn – During the frog mating season, we discovered they will lay frogspawn eggs which will hatch into a tadpole after 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Mangrove Leaves – In the mangrove swamps, we found leaves unique to the trees there.
  • Mangrove Log – Each mangrove tree in the swamp also included its own log type.
  • Mangrove Planks – When mangrove logs were placed in a crafting table, we received mangrove plants in return.
  • Mangrove Propagule – Underneath mangrove leaves, we found that saplings called propagule were growing. When planted, they would grow into mangrove trees.
  • Mangrove Roots – Throughout the mangrove trees, below them in the water there were roots connected to those trees.
  • Mangrove Wood – Appearing similar to mangrove logs, our team found mangrove wood as another great method for crafting mangrove plants.
  • Mud – Under our feet as we walked through the mangrove swamps more, we discovered mud as another great resource! When we put dripstone under the mud, it would produce clay!
  • Packed Mud – When we combined a piece of mud with some wheat, this created another unique block called packed mud.
  • Mud Bricks – While inside of a crafting table, we attempted to place 4 packed mud together and it created mud bricks.
  • Muddy Mangrove Roots – Continuing to experiment with the mangrove’s new blocks, we mixed mud and mangrove roots together which created a muddy version of the roots.
  • Boat with Chest – To help us further gather the new blocks, we combined a boat with a chest which allowed us to carry items easily across the mangrove swamp’s waters.
  • Reinforced Deepslate – As we went deep into the world and traveled through the Deep Dark and ancient cities, we came across a nearly indestructible block called reinforced deepslate that couldn’t be collected even with a silk touch pickaxe.
  • Sculk – In the Deep Dark, we came across this beautiful block called Sculk. It appeared that it would grow when a mob died near a sculk catalyst.
  • Sculk Catalyst – The sculk catalyst, which we located near some sculk, appeared to be the culprit that was creating the sculk when the mob would die near it.
  • Sculk Vein – Near all the sculk, we discovered sculk veins. Magnificent looking, the blocks appeared similar to snow and we were able to silk touch them to decorate our base back home.
  • Sculk Shrieker – We heard a terrible shriek and when we turned, we realized it was a sculk shrieker. Little did we know, upon activating the sculk shrieker three times, it summoned a Warden and we had to run!


  • gamerule “doWardenSpawning” <true/false> – To help our party as we explored, we used this command which when set to false, would stop Wardens from spawning so that we could explore more!
  • /locate <poi> – In times where we became lost or were unable to locate biomes, this command offered the ability to point us in the right direction.
  • /place – While creating our research base, we utilized this command for placing specific features, jigsaws, structures, and templates.
  • 7 new advancements were activated during our journey.
  • When in the Deep Dark, when a sculk shrieker would activate we found that we had an effect called Darkness which made our screens dim in brightness.
  • In our several explorations throughout the Deep Dark, we had a party member die from the Warden’s ranged attack, which triggered a custom death message.
  • After our adventures, we uncovered a new enchantment called Swift Sneak that could be applied to our leggings so that we could sneak faster to avoid the Warden.


  1. Open your Minecraft server control panel.
  2. In your server panel, to the left select “Switch Server Type”.
    switching your server type with MCProHosting
  3. When changing your server type, locate “Vanilla” “version 1.19” and then click “Install Selected (1.19)”.
    changing your Minecraft server to 1.19
    Alternatively, server types including Paper and Forge can often take several days to weeks before they will be updated to 1.19. You can keep an eye for updates on their respective websites and as soon as those 1.19 server types are released, MCProHosting will add them for easy installation!
  4. You will be asked if you’d like to remove any files from your server prior to installation. Once you have selected any files you’d like to delete, press “Install Vanilla Version 1.19” to confirm the installation.
  5. Minecraft version 1.19 will now begin installing and after just a few moments, you will now be able to try the update on your server!
    installing a Minecraft server type

*Minecraft version 1.19 will be made available to server owners on June 7th, the official release date of The Wild Update! You can try Minecraft Snapshots to experience parts of the update before the full version releases.
Minecraft 1.19 snapshots


Adventurer, now that you’ve seen the update, it’s time to set out once more using the new items, blocks, and Allay as you venture into the Deep Dark. Yes, that cute Allay is serious about being there when you need it most! Bring your friends along and gather up the best armor you can, and take on the most exciting update yet on your own Minecraft server!