Hello everyone,

Welcome to our first-ever creative blog! 

Everything that we create here at MCProHosting, has a purpose. Whether its to drive community engagement or streamline the server order process; there is a motive behind it.

Today, we’ll dive into the motivation behind the Halloween-inspired build contest we held back in October!

Halloween Build Contest Teaser Image

When it comes to outlining community events, we first start by deciding on a theme. We usually go for things associated with activities that are happening around us; in this case, since it was spooky month at the time, we went with the building of Haunted Houses.


Once we’ve decided on a theme, we start developing a narrative behind it. So naturally, the Witch would be our star actor in the story we were trying to tell!

We chose the Witch for various reasons, but the main one being that players enjoyed the video we made last year during the launch of our Witch Plan.


The story behind the contest unfolded as the Witch was trying to seek revenge on Herobrine for making him look bad in front of everyone else in the Herobrine launch video. The Witch did not like getting embarrassed like that and began plotting his revenge by asking members of the community to help build the mightiest and most dangerous haunted house imaginable.

The Witch’s goal was to lure Herobrine in, where he would then get captured by any of the traps inside, and get locked away for all eternity.

Story telling comes natural to us so in doing things this way, we are able to provide our community with a reason to engage with our events outside of just providing great prizes. By following these processes, we develop a world around characters that everyone can be a part of, and that is what it’s all about.


– We had a total of 92 competitors for this contest

– 4 judges were used to select winners

– All assets were drawn and colored from scratch by 2 designers

– This was the first Halloween Build Contest we’ve ever done

– 2 Modpacks were used on the server

– Spiders were not harmed in the making of this contest

Thanks for checking out today’s creative blog! We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about what goes on behind the scenes!

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