Create Above and Beyond Server Modpack

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Anything is possible with a Create Above and Beyond server with friends!

Create Above and Beyond Server Introduction

Take your imagination to an entirely new level when you try a Create Above and Beyond Minecraft server with friends. In Create Above and Beyond, a modpack designed entirely around creativity, you and your friends can discover challenges and build extraordinary machines. Having over 190 mods available to explore, this modpack combines them so that you can enjoy an epic technological journey toward space exploration. Underneath, you can learn how to set up your own Create Above and Beyond server hosting to ensure a safe blast off to space with your friends!

How to Set Up Your Create Above and Beyond Server

Before engaging the trusters to travel into space on your Create Above and Beyond server, it’s necessary to ensure your server has enough RAM. Due to the mighty mods contained in this modpack, Create Above and Beyond servers need 8GB of RAM allocated. This will ensure your server runs at its best for you and your friends as you explore. If you need to upgrade your server with more RAM, you can do that within your client area.

  1. Start by heading to your Minecraft server panel and stop your server.
  2. After, to the left under “Server Management”, click on “Switch Server Type”.
  3. how to change to Create Above and Beyond server hosting

  4. Once you’re in the installer, use the search bar to find “Create: Above and Beyond” and press “Install Selected” next to it to start the installation.
  5. installing Create Above and Beyond server files

  6. Select any files you’d like to delete from your server to finalize the installation. Afterward, press “Install Create: Above and Beyond” to complete the installation. After a minute or two, you’ll be ready to join and play on your server!
    • To prevent issues with your Create Above and Beyond server, we recommend backing up all existing files on your server and performing a file wipe before installing the modpack. This will ensure that the Create: Above and Beyond modpack creates a new modded world without any mod or generation issues.

Build Anything with a Create Above and Beyond Server

While playing on the Create Above and Beyond server modpack, nearly anything you can imagine will be possible. This is made possible due to the powerful features packed into the modpack. These features include extensive building tools, enhanced survival mechanics, customizable weather and climate, advanced automation, and a beautifully detailed world. Did we mention you can go out of this world and to the moon?!

Through the many challenges you’ll face in this modpack, you’ll come across many mods to experience. There’s the Create mod, adding detailed tech and automation to a game server. For fellow Minecraft PvP enthusiasts, the Better PvP mod adds new ways to fight with new weapons and abilities. And if you need a day where you just want to relax, you can always enter your factory and use the Weather, Storms & Tornadoes mod to turn on some relaxing rain noises. With so much that awaits, what challenges will you take on first with friends on your own Create Above and Beyond server?

Create Above and Beyond Server Gameplay Features

  • Advanced automation with machines, pipes, conveyor belts, trains, and more
  • High-quality texture packs and custom biomes for breathtaking world immersion
  • Customizable and dynamic weather patterns - watch out for tornadoes!
  • Extensive building tools like scaffolding, paintbrushes, and fancy blocks
  • Enhanced mobs with advanced AI and spawning mechanics
  • Customizations and cosmetics for your and your friend’s characters
  • Immersive sound and music that plays while you’re building and exploring

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