Better Minecraft Modpack Server Guide

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Experience an enhanced adventure with a Better Minecraft Modpack Server with friends!

Better Minecraft Modpack Server Introduction

Transform your Minecraft experience with a Better Minecraft modpack server. This modpack, designed to be the next "Minecraft 2", includes more biomes, dimensions, and RPG elements for you and your friends to explore. With this quest-filled modpack, you and your server players can discover improved Nether and End worlds, hatch dragons, grow new crops, and much more. There are over 60 mods to enjoy, with endless possibilities as you experience the different aspects of your own Minecraft modpack server. Learn more about the exciting biomes and features that await and how to set up your own server below!

How to Set Up a Better Minecraft Modpack Server

Prior to starting your Better Minecraft modpack server journey, we recommend making sure that your Minecraft server has at least 3GB - 4GB of RAM. If your server needs more RAM, you can quickly upgrade your server within your client area!

  1. To begin, go to your Minecraft server panel and press the "Stop" button.
  2. Afterward, on the left below “Server Management”, select “Switch Server Type”.
  3. how to setup a Better Minecraft modpack server
  4. Use the search bar to locate “Better MC” within the server type installer and select the version you’d like to install. Once you have found your preferred version of the modpack, press “Install Selected” to begin the installation.
  5. installing Better Minecraft modpack server for Minecraft
  6. Finally, to finalize the installation select any files you’d like to delete, and after, press “Install Better MC”. Following that, Better MC will install and you’ll be ready to play the modpack on your Better Minecraft modpack server!
    • To ensure a smooth installation of the Better Minecraft modpack to your server, we recommend backing up any existing files on your server and then deleting them before installing Better MC. This will allow the modpack to generate a new modded world correctly.

Adventuring in a Better Minecraft Modpack Server

While journeying in Better Minecraft modpack server hosting, you and your friends will experience a plethora of excitement along the way! The powerful revamp of biomes on the server from the “Biomes O’ Plenty” mod will add mysterious regions to explore. From beautiful autumn forests to a rocky rainforest, and even an erupting inferno biome in the Nether.

Surrounded by beauty, there is so much to do and experience such as the Croptopia mod which adds lots of new seeds, plants, and recipes. With other mods that add jobs, quests, new workbenches, furniture from Mr. Crayfish’s Furniture Mod, and more, there is something for everyone to have a blast with. If you ever get lost along the way, Xaero’s Minimap and World Map mods help you with icons, waypoints, and coordinates. Prepare for the ultimate adventure ahead on your own Better Minecraft Modpack server!

More Fun Better Minecraft Server Gameplay Features

  • Tons of unique bosses, dungeons, and mobs
  • Brand new crops, food, and decorative blocks
  • Hatchable dragon eggs of all types
  • 5 brand-new dimensions to quest through
  • Quests to assist you in your exploration of Better Minecraft
  • World Map (press “M” to open) and Minimap (press “N” to toggle)
  • Many quality-of-life mod improvements to Minecraft
  • A brand new experience centered around Vanilla Minecraft

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