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Hello everyone,

We are so happy to share with you all today the making of the most recent video we launched – This Land!

We’ll start off by asking our two lovely designers, David and Elizabeth, some questions about the overall design!

What was your inspiration for designing the video the way it is?

Liz: We moved to Oregon in 2016 because we loved the landscapes in the state, and Oregon’s “Travel Oregon” ads served as a large influence for the warm feeling of This Land

David: We really wanted to go for a warm nostalgic look.

What was the part of the project that you had the most fun working on?

Liz: The BEES

David: We ended up deciding to do an entire shot because we were digging the fox rig I’d made!

Which part of the production required the most attention to get it to feel just right?

Liz: the post lighting and air particles required more attention on my end than any other step of production

David: The Fox scene. Making sure everything looked and felt right really helped the project overall.

When designing the original outline, what did you have in mind and how close was it to the end result?

We both definitely had more shots in mind, but due to time constraints were forced to cut a lot of it. We had one scene entirely underwater but it was too long, and squeezing it into a 30-second commercial wasn’t easy.

MCProHosting - Making of, This Land

To help us dive more into how the idea of doing this video came to fruition, we decided to interview the brains of the operation and our Executive Director, Pedro!

“I’ve always been keen on short,  simple songs with a pure message. This song really resonated with me while I imagined a beautiful world where people build and play games together. I’ve seen some animations where the tone is warm and welcoming but I wanted it to feel very dream-like, and after I shared my idea with David and Liz, they took it and ran with it. “

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