ARK: Lost Island Launch Details Revealed!

ARK: Lost Island Launch Details Revealed!

ARK Lost Island Cover Image

ARK: Lost Island, the long awaited update for ARK: Survival Evolved is finally here! Are you excited? Be sure to grab an ARK Game Server before diving in to all the new content if you haven’t already!

Now, without further ado, here’s THINGS YOU CAN EXPECT from today’s big update!


  • PC: 11AM PST
  • Consoles: 1PM PST

PATCH SIZE (Estimated)

  • PC: ~30GB
  • XBOX: ~50GB
  • PS4: ~50GB


  • Character Upload/Download is enabled
  • Item/Dino Upload is enabled
  • Item/Dino Download is disabled


  • Be sure to uninstall the Lost Island mod from the Steam Workshop BEFORE downloading Lost island (if you already  have it installed)

ARK Lost Island Image 1

NEW CREATURES (click to learn more about each one)


  • New ruines for players to explore
  • Biomes including jungles, snow, mangrove swamps, and redwood forests
  • Map size is 150 square kilometers (one of the largest maps in the game)

ARK Lost Island Map


  • This is the first free DLC map to introduce three unique creatures, as opposed to one.
  • This is the first map to have a contest to decide the second creature, with players coming up with a real life creature and voting on it to appear on the map. The voting was started with Community Crunch 276 and ending July 23rd, with both Dinopithecus and Carcharodontosaurus receiving mostly equal votes, and eventually, the Dinopithecus winning by 1% against the Carcharodontosaurus.
  • All of the new creatures appear to be anti-armor and travel based,
    • the Armagasaurus can rip through higher tier armor and saddles and is fast(for a sauropod) plus decent swimming speed
    • the Dinopithecus can disable tek armor with it’s poop and can climb walls and cliffs
    • the Sinomacrops is a gliding buddy and HATES chitin armor
  • This map is visibly inspired by the Tamriel map from the famous Bethesda gaming franchise.
  • The map size is: 150 square kilometers.
  • This Update was originally created by LostIsland

ARK Lost Island Image 2

Tune into our social media pages and Discord to find out when the latest update will be available on MCProHosting servers! And be sure to get yours set up as soon as possible so that you and your friends can enjoy all of what the new update has to offer, with mods and resource packs!

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