ARK Genesis Expansion: Everything We Know!

ARK Genesis Expansion: Everything We Know!

UPDATE – ARK:SURVIVAL EVOLVED is FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME on the Epic Games Store so grab it while you can! (06/11/2020)


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While you wait for Genesis to arrive, here’s a quick recap of everything you can expect to enjoy at launch time!

  • A brand new map: This new map will include:
    – An active volcano
    – A snowy mountain
    –  A low-gravity area
    – A swampy section
    – And an extensive water biome
  • HLNA (New NPC): A talking NPC AI friend that offers missions to players.
  • New Creatures: Because it wouldn’t be an expansion, if it didn’t include new critters to tame! But it wont stop there, there are also new variants of existing Dinos too! Check those out here:Image

    Below is a list of the new creatures:

    • Astrocetus: A high-level tame whale that floats through the lunar biome. (Lunar? Whale? Space Whale confirmed?)
    • Blade Wasp: Small, aggressive and pretty dangerous when grouped. So basically, don’t piss them off.
    • Bloodstalker: A large spider-like creature that lives in the bog biome. Of course spiders are gonna be introduced. We all saw this coming. It traps prey in its web and sucks its blood making your fears a living reality.
    • Freox: A shoulder creature that transforms into a giant dangerous monster after consuming Element. When large, it can scale cliffs and other vertical surfaces. (Essentially, they are making Gnar from League of Legends canon here.)
    • Giant Tortoise: A massive turtle that functions as a mobile base and grows rare resources on its shell. Gigantimax creatures confirmed. 
    • Magmasaur: Fire creature that becomes stronger near heat, unlike humans. It can swim in lava and has a heat-resistant saddle, also unlike humans. It can also smelt metal and other resources, literally the only thing it does that humans can relate to.
    • Moeder: An aquatic mini-boss that resembles a large eel. Prep your tridents and cue the mini-boss music, things are about to get electric.

Want to see what they look like? Head on over to the ARK: Genesis wiki here.

  • New Equipment: Fishing net, mining drill, Tek Claws, Tek Cruise Launcher, Tek Cruise Missile, Tek Grenade Launcher, Tek Shoulder Cannon. (ARK Devs: Let’s TEK literally all the things).
  • Structures: Metal ocean platform, pressure plate, Tek Alarm System, Tek Jet, Tek Jump Pad, Wooden Ocean Platform.
  • Cosmetics: Corrupted Avatar Boots, Gloves, Helmet, Pants, Shirt. (wait a second, don’t you mean Tek Boots, Tek Gloves, Tek Helmet…?)

Well folks, there you have it, all there is to know about ARK‘s Genesis expansion.

Grab some friends, activate your server , and prepare to tame some dinos!

Don’t own the game yet? ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch, Mac and Linux. Genesis arrives on PC, Xbox and PS4 February 25th.

What are your thoughts on ARK‘s Genesis expansion? Will you be buying it as soon as it releases? Let us know on our community Discord!