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Experience over 350 mods with friends on All the Mods 6 Server Hosting!

All the Mods 6 Server Hosting Introduction

Can you and your friends survive when you take on over 350 mods on All the Mods 6 Minecraft server hosting? In All the Mods 6, you and your friends are taken to a world filled with quests, magic, and wonder. Exploring this world, you’ll be able to play the way you prefer whether you enjoy building homes, factories, a farm, adorable robots, and nearly anything else you can imagine. It’s time to get your quest book ready as we show you how to set up your own All the Mods 6 server and what awaits you and your friends as you play!

How to Set Up an All the Mods 6 Server

While modded adventures offer extraordinary fun, it’s important to know that servers will need enough RAM to run large modpacks. The All the Mods 6 modpack recommends that your server has at least 4GB of RAM due to the number of mods within it. If you need to upgrade your server with more RAM, you can do that inside your client area.

  1. To start, head onto your Minecraft server panel and stop the server.
  2. Then, look to the left below “Server Management” and press “Switch Server Type”.
  3. switching to All the Mods 6 server hosting modpack
  4. Next, use the search to find “All the Mods 6”. Once it appears, press “Install Selected” to start installing the modpack.
  5. installing All the Mods 6 server hosting
  6. Finally, during installation, you will be asked if you’d like to remove any files. You can make any file selections now and then when you’re ready, press “Install All the Mods 6” to finalize the installation. You and your crew will now be able to join your All the Mods 6 server!
    • To ensure All the Mods 6 generations its world correctly on your server, we recommend taking a backup of your server and then wiping its files. This will ensure that the All the Mods 6 modpack creates a new modded world correctly.

Delve into All the Mods 6 Server Hosting with Friends

Now that you know how to play All the Mods 6 with friends, there is so much that you can try! You’ll discover mystical flowers from the Botania mod with complex machines from Immersive Engineering. Then you can create automated factories with the Create mod. From there, you can sit back and try the simple life with Pam’s Harvestcraft. With something for everyone, there is a lot to experience with others on All the Mods 6 server hosting!

All the Mods 6 Features to Experience

  • A large selection of mods that add new content and gameplay mechanics to Minecraft, making your server more interesting and fun for all!
  • Explorers can discover many new biomes and blocks
  • A variety of machine mods to mess with like Mekanism
  • Quality of life features including improved inventories and a minimap
  • Different difficulty levels built into the pack for even hardcore Minecrafters
  • Better mob spawning with the addition of many new mobs

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